The S’alka Way: A Retreat with Don Américo Yábar

Lead by: Jan Edl Stein

Dates: Jun 28, 2024 - Jul 1, 2024

This is an extraordinary opportunity to share the wisdom and healing powers of Peruvian mystic, poet, healer don Américo Yábar in a rare visit to the US. He will share his knowledge of the S’alka way. S’alka is a Quechua word meaning “wild” or “undomesticated energy”. S’alka energy touches everything that is in nature. Américo brings a unique way of relating to and participating in this energy to awaken one’s connection to the forces of nature. He brings a lifetime of learning and deep connection with the Q’ero teachers of the Andes and shares his knowledge with keen perception, delightful stories and humor.

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