Past Event

Summer Serenity: A With Love Yoga Retreat

Lead by: Emily Robinson

Dates: Apr 22, 2024 - Apr 25, 2024

This is for you if you are:
Anyone over 16 years old. If you have a yoga practice or not. This is for you. If you are looking for a pause in your life to reflect, dive a little deeper into your heart space and find ease. This retreat is not meant to leave your “real” life behind for the 3 days we are together, but to assess where you are and how you may incorporate more ease and peace into your life.

What you will take away from it:
You will take tools away in the form of writing prompts, yoga practices for you to offer a soft place to land in you daily life and a deeper connecting to yourself. A sense of community that celebrates you and offers you a soft place to land.

Join us for a soft place to land at the end of summer. All meals are prepared lovingly by Jess Stoner of Squash Blossom, an organic personal chef.

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