Hypnotherapy Fantasy Retreat

Lead by: Sacramento Hypnotherapy

Dates: Aug 15, 2024 - Aug 18, 2024

Join Sacramento Hypnotherapy for a special retreat full of renewal, restoration and rejuvenating bliss.

Hypnotherapy is designed to release what is not serving you, and make way for what brings you energy, strength and joy. Hypnotherapy creates resilience, and mental and emotional flexibility to more easily handle life’s ups and downs.

Whether you choose the full 4 day immersive experience, or just the weekend, this retreat provides extra spaciousness away from the hustle and bustle that allows you to renew your mind, body and spirit and ultimately bring you the bliss that comes from healing hypnotherapy (unification with your own subconscious mind), connecting with nature’s beauty, and being part of a wonderful community experience.

Each day will have experiential group hypnotherapy sessions, intentional and restorative activities, nourishing meals and time to rest and connect.

Whether you have experienced hypnotherapy, or it is your first time, all are welcome!

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