Past Event

Ecotherapy Training Retreat

Lead by: Jan Edl Stein

Dates: Mar 26, 2023 - Mar 31, 2023

This 5 night/6 day intensive workshop is designed for licensed and pre-licensed therapists and anyone working in the helping professions. This program is an “intensive” with very experiential learning and time for deep connection with the land. The program will cover principles of ecopsychology and the unique way that we may embrace the world from the ecological perspective. We will explore techniques and various processes of ecotherapy, facilitating a deeper connection with and reciprocity to the natural world, and employing a nature-based approach in working with trauma and the nervous system. We will also address the growing collective anxiety of climate change or “eco-anxiety” and ways to work with this. The program will also include ways of wilderness healing work, thresholds of initiatory processes and a deep solo time on the land.

The course imparts the skills and confidence to lead nature-based healing work both in individual and group work.  The learning style is practical, highly experiential and immersive. This workshop will fill you with new ideas, skills, confidence and approaches for your work and will also be very personally transformative.

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