Past Event

Apis Sophia Exstasis

Lead by: Ariella Daly and Gina DeBernardo

Dates: Feb 13, 2024 - Feb 18, 2024

A women’s oracular retreat to awaken the sensuous self. Come gather in the quickening time of late winter to see in the dark, awaken our holy waters, dance with the elements, soak in the hum of the hive, and let our serpentine sensuous self unwind.

This workshop retreat is designed for women and womb-identifying people who wish to deepen their connection to their own body of wisdom and develop greater capacity to flow with eros, intuition, and creative energy. This workshop will include practices based in womb-shamanism, and is deeply informed by the honey bee and the serpent.

Through shamanic practices we will seek to engage with the life force energy of nature as a source of eros, vitality, nourishment, and gnosis. This work will engage with the womb on both a physical and spiritual level. It is open to women and/or those who identify as women or are gender fluid, regardless of whether or not you have a physical womb.

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